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GSM Data Receiver is a hardware device that can find signal of all ATMs & POS Secured Networks available at this time in the world, and with help of newest GSM Data Receiver Software it can bypass every security networks in a range of max. 120 meters and collect tracks data from credit cards.

(!) Scroll down below for more details and a short review how GSM Data Receiver works live on the field.

50% payment upfront and 50% after 30 days from delivery + pay us 20% of the money you make monthly using the products bought.

For example, you want to get the GSM Pack through our Payment Plan but the GSM’s price is $3600 and you don’t have the full amount – you will pay half of the price upfront($1800), then you have 30 days time from the moment you received the GSM to pay the other half and also you will have to give us 20% of the profits you make every month.

We take 20% from your profits every month because we helped you get started and otherwise you wouldn’t have made any money without us – commission is not negotiable.

You can either buy our products at full price upfront if you can afford or contact us at
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What will you receive in this pack?



– GSM Data Receiver (model: S-3812A) is a Hardware Device with dimensions 12.2 x 8.8 x 4.4 cm; working with power supply, that means you have to plug in to your PC before trying to find signal of an ATM & POS Terminals. The Hardware will work as long as your PC will have battery capacity to run power into it. When device is connected, he will display a red light to show you that all works in optimal parameters and its ready to start.

The hardware is made outside Europe and completely modified by our engineers for this kind of work. GSM Data Receiver will start doing his job when the software comes in the game, we will speak about this later. These days, this new method of ATM Skimming is very requested, he provides you more safety and also an easy working environment. If we talk about the old Skimmers techniques available in the world right now and how they works, we surely can’t compare them. We know that GSM Data Receiver is more expensive than other Skimmers, but he definetly provides a lot of benefits as you can see, safety is the key if you want to go in this way.

The Device is very compact and easy to handle, as we said, you don’t need anymore to attempt physically the ATMs & POS Terminals because GSM Data Receiver can capture networks from 120 meters without any physical contact. All you have to do is sit in the car or in a safe place close to the target and capture the data without any problems.


– Now we are gonna present you GSM Data Software. This Software is able to bypass every security network provided by the GSM Data Receiver, with this software you have the ability to capture and store every data that comes from a ATM or POS Terminals. All data is collected and send to you by a process called ‘data sniffer’. The program is very easy to handle and provides you more safety that others physical skimmers. In fact, this is the point, with this new skimmer you can capture data and instantly receive it via software capability. An old skimmer, first will stock data into his memory and after you have to take it out from ATMs or POS Terminals to read the data stored on it. We do not recommend such old methods, as we said, safety is the key in this game, don’t try to break it for nothing.

GSM Data Software is made as after every data is captured you will be informed with a notification and a new window will pop-up on the screen with latest captured data.

All captured data will be displayed in this format:

> Date:
> Track1:
> Track2:
> PIN:
> Network:

The software have an available function called ‘Get Data’ that allows you to download to your PC every new data which is stored into the software files. This function is there to assure you that all captured data will remain stored if something happens with your PC battery or other issue. He also have a ‘Show Data’ button, you can press it any time if you want to dispaly the latest captured data.

Notice: Our GSM Data Receiver & Software are working with all ATMs & POS Networks existing in the world at this time. In case of new improvements all customers will benefit free software updates.
The GSM Data Software is fully encrypted and cannot be duplicated. It also come with an Customer ID & Password. We made this Security System to avoid any leaks. We reserve the right to suspend your License if we detect unusual activity with your Customer ID.

– Because anonymity is the most important thing for our safe and yours, we accept only Bitcoin payments.
Notice: If you buy a product and it has a software included, we will provide you a special link address from where you can download it after payment is done. We remind you that all our products come with full users guide (how to proper use our products).

– offer a 1 year warrany for every hardware or software item. The warranty does not cover misuse, user broken products, or forgotten passwords. This warranty is limited to malfunctioning parts, not user error. As a result, we will attempt to troubleshoot any problems.

– Every order is ready for shipping immediately after all delivery details are provided and payment is done.
– Tracking number and further important details will be send in your e-mail in less than 24 hours.
– We ship all over the world. Delivery time is between 2–7 working days depends from which country you ordered.
– All shipments will be sent with various shipping carriers if is neccesary.
– All items sold on our website benefit free shipping all over the world. (Exept: payment plans, discounts etc.)

– offer returns for most items within 30 days of receipt of delivery. Most items sold on our website follow our general return policies, but some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.
– If hardware is injured we strictly guarantee the return of a new device, all costs being covered by us.

17 reviews for GSM DATA RECEIVER

  1. Hansen Schneider

    The gsm kit works great , I have used it from 50 meters , 80 meters , 100 meters and signal was full all the time.
    I usually try different atms and to be sincere people are using their cards less than I expected .. I spend from 1 up to 4 hours parked close to the atms and sometimes I get a lot of dumps , sometimes a lot less .. depends on the location of atms
    The most I got in 1 hour was at an atm near the central market so I got around 25 dumps which is very good I suppose
    I bought only the gsm kit im not interested in cloning the cards to use myself , that sounds a little bit risky
    Im selling the dumps directly to the russians €40 a piece so Im good

  2. florida

    Had to change the cable after 3 months of using.. that costed me 75$.. i know thats nothing compared to the money you helped me produce.. i dont want to sound ungrateful.. i owe you a lot.. but just wanted to let you know.. ship a better cable next time so everything can be perfect guys! im a honest person just wanted to let you know so you can improve where its room for improvement

  3. George

    Gsm pack got to me yesterday. Already got my money back by selling online the dumps I collect.
    You are selling this gsm too cheap, just so you know. I will send you 10k € next month because you have helped me get back on my feet. Will never forget this.

  4. Sylvester

    My order was delayed 2 weeks but I got the package after all

    I tried the GSM and it gets the job done

    Only reason I give you 3 stars is because it was very important for me to get the package in maximum 3 days so I missed my girlfriend’s birthday and I was very angry for that..

  5. babybank

    u fuckin dope

  6. Dumps King

    It works very well for me.
    I have the gsm receiver hard and soft for collecting dp
    You can find me on dark market, ill post the link here if is not a problem < link-removed >

  7. flaMiNgO cashout

    arrived in 8 days you told me on support chat will arrive in 5 ok
    been 2 weeks of using the gsm business good so far
    you can hit me on dark for best tracks & pins from US, New York
    < link-removed >

  8. Luca

    Fa quello che dice di fare, grazie.

  9. Happy MF

    Yes sir!
    Now we talkin!
    After one failed attempt to get my hands on a piece like this, finally found about you and gave it a try.

  10. VortexBx

    The signal is strong even from 120m, collects the data instantly.
    Too bad can’t use on multiple Atms in the same time but I don’t want to complain.
    The full kit is just amazing, I’m very old in this business and this one is just something else.

  11. John

    The shipment had a delay of 4 days than the initial estimated time they gave me but they said it was because of the pandemic restrictions so it does make sense

    I’m glad because both gsm and emv working very good, is true I had to ask for more indications on support because I have no prior experience and their team helped guided me throughout the whole process

    Products 5/5
    Support 5/5
    Shipping time 4/5

    J from New Jersey

  12. Victory Max

    the antena from the gsm was broken and had to ask for a replace

    they replaced the whole kit in 3 days ,then i tried to use the kit at a machine near my house and there was no signal so i had to speak to the customer service and ask again for a replace

    took them 2 more days replace the kit for the second time and this time everything was alright

    they told me it was a problem with the antenas that had to be fixed because of the update they made this month and that won’t happen again

    the gsm works fine now and actually they gave me my money back plus ,got to keep the gsm and also received a free emv software with 3 months license

    you asked me to leave a honest review ,there you have it and thank you for being open to everything

  13. norris sp

    had a lot of doubts and was very nervous while waiting for shipping

    after 5 days of waiting got a call from the delivery guys asking me if I can be at the drop address in 1 hour so we met they gave me the package no questions asked and left

    I wanted to use it more before I do a review so after 2 months of using this I can say I haven’t had any problems so far and money not a problem anymore

  14. Eb Davis

    Had to wait 8 days for delivery in New York.
    The fellas from Support are very cool and man they have patience!
    Had a hard time to find buyers for my dumps and they offered to buy them from me which is a huge relief. 5 out of 5 for everything.

  15. moneygod

    real shit here my niggas killin it big time in texas

  16. Ramirez

    Top Rated

  17. leg1on

    < link-removed >

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